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About Ephas


EPHAS stands for Every Product Has A Story...

...because everything that we sell has a story behind it. The story of the woman who made it. Whether she has been freed from the sex trade, or freed from hunger or oppression, she has been given the opportunity for a better life for herself and her family by making these products.  By purchasing these products, you are becoming part of the story. The story of HOPE.

We source products direct from our partner organisation, all of whom prescribe to the principles of fair trade as set by the World Fair Trade Organisation.  This means that you can be sure that, not only is everyone involved in making the products paid a fair wage, but the products are produced with care for the environment, no child labour has been used, and that every product sold helps to see the women able to provide for themselves and their families.

We have a beautiful range of gift and home wares that will not only appeal to a conscious consumer, but to anyone looking for a unique, handmade gift that tells a story.

You can read more about the women who make each product in the description of the product.  If you'd like more information about their work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All products are handmade - we're sure you'll find the perfect unique gift at EPHAS!

From our customers

  • EPHAS offers fantastic customer service, postage is reasonable and quick and the products are simply beautiful. It is easy to promote such gorgeous pieces when they have a story behind them like EPHAS does, and my customers appreciate my sourcing products that are Fair Trade and align with their beliefs. (So not only are the products amazing, but they also sell well.) Wouldn't hesitate to recommend purchasing EPHAS products

    Mel, Owner, Surya Gift Shop
  • I have been thinking about your products a lot. They have struck a cord with me. The story cards were very useful and helped me to clearly understand what Starfish Project does and the important work they are doing. I am really glad to have met EPHAS - thank you for introducing me to your products and giving me the opportunity to support such a meaningful cause.

    Yumi Director, One Village Shop
  • I am always really excited with the new jewellery designs that we order in from EPHAS. The entire range has been very popular with our customers and ever since it landed at One Village, it has been flying out of the shop! We have now increased our range of Starfish Project jewellery to keep up with the demands of our customers. We feel very fortunate to share in the journey with EPHAS to create a brighter future for the women who are behind the beautiful jewellery. Thank you for always providing us with excellent customer care.

    Yumi Director, One Village Shop